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Aimeho Private Escapes

This is more than just a tour. This is the Moorea’s best experience! Are you ready for the adventure?

'Ia Ora Na and Maeva to Aimeho Private Escapes. Welcome to to the beautiful island of Mo’orea. Wether you’re planning your dream vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, our private tour is here to make your stay even more enjoyable. Our experienced captain Teoni will help you discover the island’s unique culture, as well as it’s mesmerizing natural beauty. Your exclusive excursion will bring you up close and personal to world class beauty that is right here in Mo’orea.

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Just a couple of reasons why to choose Aimeho Private Escapes

Experienced Captain

Fluent in English

Custom Tour Options

Drinks on Board

Delicious Cuisine

Snorkeling Equipment on Board

Huge knowledges about The Island of Moorea

Safe & Ecofriendly Wildlife Encounter

Free Resort Pick-up & Drop-off

Private Photographer on Request

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Complete travel guide to Society Islands (French Polynesia). Explore The Islands of Tahiti. Every adventure to Tahiti and her Islands starts here!

S O C I E T Y I S L A N D S . C O M

Society Islands

The Islands of Tahiti

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